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Superior Customisation with Variable Wattage E-Cigs from Cardiff, South Glamorgan

The best, premium electronic cigarettes are known as variable wattage e-cigs. Delivering superior power for an enhanced experience, the rechargeable e-cigarettes we provide in Cardiff, South Glamorgan, are best-in-class.

Harness the Power of Variable Wattage

At Vape-on Shopwise, we supply Xenos™ branded e-cigarettes. These variable wattage, premium e-cigarettes are rechargeable, making them exceptionally convenient. Xenos™ e-cigs are provided with a 1500 mAh battery which allows you to vary the wattage. Because of the high battery specification, this e-cig is able to last longer before it requires charging. The Xenos™ e-cigarette comes as part of a set which includes a battery, tank, a charging lead, and two coils. For customers who require replacements, we sell compatible extra batteries, tanks, and coils.


Sturdy Engineering

The Xenos™ range has three power-delivery settings: 7, 11, and 15 watts. Utilising a 1.80ohm coil, the Xenos'™ tank works effortlessly with other 510 thread equipment, meaning it is compatible with mechanical and box mods. Replaceable drip tips are also available. The steel and Pyrex™-style glass window provided with the Xenos™ model comes with a manufacturing date, meaning it won't degrade easily like other plastic variants. Compared to imported equipment, these models possess an exceptionally robust build quality.

Accept No Substitutes

None of the products we offer are clones. They are all unique, individually-manufactured products with their own genuine branding. Other vendors sell products marked as CE4, 5, and 10, which are nothing more than clones with differing names masquerading as uniquely featured models. Nothing could be further from the truth. Thankfully, the products we sell at Vape-on Shopwise are genuine, branded models with differing features to cater to every taste. We also offer a variety of atomisers and additional equipment.

Contact our business today, in Cardiff, South Glamorgan, to order premium electronic cigarettes including variable wattage e-cigs.

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