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Delectable E-Cigarette Liquids Offered in Cardiff, South Glamorgan

At our shop, in Cardiff, South Glamorgan, we curate a selection of delicious e-cigarette liquids. When you're looking for a flavour that truly speaks to you, order from our range of delectable vaping juice to avoid disappointment.


Aimed at vaping enthusiasts with sophisticated tastes, this liquid range contains 10 unique and complex flavours. Alchemy™ is a must-have brand for discerning vapers, so make sure to indulge once you're equipped with a premium e-cig.

Blue Monday

Chase those Monday blues away with a perfectly-balanced combination of appetising blueberry and sweet aniseed. This flavour is followed by citrus and eucalyptus, leaving you with a cool aftertaste.

Enter the Dragon

Dark chocolate, cherry blossom liquor and a hint of passion fruit are followed by an eye-watering blast of chilli heat in this scrumptious flavour. The strength of this taste is not for the faint of heart.

Absinthe Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

This liquid is set against a smooth, creamy background of caramel and Irish cream, with a touch of cinnamon spice. The absinthe flavour stands out in sharp relief, while short aniseed flavours arise from the combination of star fennel and wormwood.

English Garden Party

Embrace the summer with this timeless English classic. Ripe strawberry sweetness is cooled by notes of cucumber and mint, with orange and lemonade providing a lively citrus sparkle.

Wild Bramble

A blackberry flavour is enhanced by complex notes of French vanilla, a taste of golden honey, and a drizzle of cassis. The garnish of fresh basil makes this a flavour that never grows tiresome.

Shifu's Kung Fu Tea-Liquid

"Satisfaction for the soul" is how the effect of Kung Fu Tea is described. We are enamoured with this recipe, which combines the finest tea in China with the exotic flavour of lychee and dragon fruit.

Masala Chai

Beautifully blended cinnamon spices, ginger cloves, and cardamom pods stand against a backdrop of black Assam tea. With double cream providing a milky base, caramelised brown sugar and nutmeg complete this flavour's tantalising finish.


Sunshine Grey

One of our simpler, delicious blends, Sunshine Grey delivers a wake-up call to the senses with Earl Grey tea, lemon, and honey. This satisfying flavour makes for an ideal morning vape.

Natural Living

A herbal fusion designed as a refreshing pick-me-up, combining the best ingredients to put some pep into your step during those long working days. A wholesome meld of the purest green tea, crisp cucumber, lemon, ginger, fresh basil, and caramelised brown sugar makes for one of our most palatable, unusual recipes.

Perchance to Dream

When you're struggling to sleep, conclude your evening with a herbal blend designed to help you unwind. Calming chamomile with a hint of tart, raspberry leaf, rose, lavender, and comforting peppermint are combined with subtle cardamom and cinnamon.

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